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Sauna, Wellness and Relaxation in a unique castle estate

Our address: Sellaerstraat 42 B-1820 Melsbroek

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  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Curia - Bathing suit part
  • Hotel
  • Beauty & Massage
  • Moenia - Nude part
  • Sfeer & Events

Thermae Boetfort

Thermae Boetfort is a historical wellness centre in a 400-year-old castle estate.                                            

Come and enjoy yourself for a few hours or several days and combine our public saunas in our nude and swimsuit thermae with a delightful treatment or a beneficial massage. Stay overnight in our authentic wellness hotel and go home totally relaxed.

  • How do I go aboard the sauna

    You must not take a sauna on a full or empty stomach. It is also sensible to go to the toilet before you start. This will help you to enjoy the sauna bath even more. After going to the toilet, you should have a shower so that you are clean and warmed up to start the sauna bath.

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